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Meadowbrook retains the finest staff, rich in wisdom and experience. Their expertise in Early Childhood Education and their commitment to the school guarantees the continuation of Meadowbrook's excellence in preparing young learners. 
  Name Title Group Contact
Rhonda Adams Adams, Rhonda Gross Motor Teacher
Kristin Cooper Cooper, Kristin AM/PM Teacher
Nancy Elliott Elliott, Nancy Administrative Assistant
Kristi Kay Estes Estes, Kristi Kay AM Teacher
Maria Esteves Esteves, Maria Kindergarten Spanish
Lucia Fusch Fusch, Lucia Curriculum & Digital Media
Susan Fusch Fusch, Susan Director
Jane Garner Garner, Jane AM/PM Teacher
Jill Hanrahan Hanrahan, Jill AM/PM Teacher
Beth Herritage Herritage, Beth Kindergarten Teacher
Jacqueline McKay McKay, Jacqueline Music Teacher
Denise Ringer Ringer, Denise AM Teacher
Tobi Sandoval Sandoval, Tobi Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Stankey Stankey, Ashley AM/PM Teacher
Loree Westbrook Westbrook, Loree Capers Teacher