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What is the application process? 

Please submit a contact form through our website to schedule and attend a tour. For prospective AM students, our admissions office will contact you the fall prior to the year that your child is eligible for enrollment to notify you when it is time to submit an application. An assessment will be scheduled for November (siblings and legacies) or January, and acceptance letters will be mailed shortly after. For students applying to the PM program (Pre-K) or to Kindergarten, applications are accepted year round and assessments are scheduled as needed. 

When will I hear from the school regarding my child's admissions process?

You will be contacted by the admissions office during the fall prior to the year your child is eligible for enrollment. Assessments for prospective AM students take place in November (siblings and legacies) and January (new students). 

Is there room for my child at Meadowbrook?

Spaces in our program can be limited. However, we opened up a third AM class in 2017 to account for the growing need of our community. Please do not hesitate to apply! 

What are you looking for at the AM assessment?

We are committed to ensuring that our program is the best fit for every child that we serve. The AM assessment is not formal testing, but a way for us to determine if it is a proper placement for your child. Your child can expect to explore some of our classroom materials, listen to a story, and play on the playground.