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  • Meadowbrook Moving to a New Nest
    Meadowbrook will be moving to a new campus for the 2023-2024 school year!  
    We are excited to continue the Meadowbrook tradition at 6525 Forest Lane. 


    Help us build our new nest!
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  • 50th Day of School

    Meadowbrook is celebrating the 50th day of the 50th year! Thank you to the MPA for providing frozen treats for this rockin' good time! 

  • Meadowbrook Celebrates 50th Anniversary

    Welcome to the 50th year of Meadowbrook magic! Our first school year was 1970-1971, so this year we celebrate a half century of Meadowbrook's continuing mission of 'nurturing lifelong learners.'

  • Valentine's Day Celebrations

    Meadowbrook friends had so much fun spreading love and celebrating Valentine's Day! Each class had a party complete with a snack, craft, and valentine exchange. Thank you to the parents who helped make Valentine's Day so special! 

  • Kindergarten Visits Mi Escuelita Preschool

    The Kindergarten class made a special visit to Mi Esculita Preschool. They got to do crafts and play games with the preschool students there!