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Susan Fusch
Susan Fusch
Executive Director

Susan has been a part of Meadowbrook School since its inception in 1970 when, as a college student, her architect husband helped with zoning requirements for the campus.  Her BA degree is from Texas Tech University in English and French, with a secondary teaching certification and an elementary certification training from Southern Methodist University. 

Susan was Director of the Elementary Program, Grades 1-4, for 5 years and retired to rear three children, Lindsey, Blake, and Craig, all of whom attended Meadowbrook.  Now, their children are attending as Meadowbrook legacies, and it is a joy to see her beloved grandchildren love learning the Meadowbrook way!

After 21 years leading a faith-based ministry of 700 women and 100 leaders, Susan returned in 2019 to be the Director of Meadowbrook and has enjoyed seeing that the same principles of education upon which Meadowbrook was founded are still foundational to the school along with some of the new and exciting trends in education. 

Finally, she loves that the timeless Meadowbrook magic is still very much a part of each day here!