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Jane Garner
Jane Garner
Pre-K4 Teacher

Jane Garner was born and raised in Bedford, England. She initially trained as a nanny and has her N.N.E.B in Nursery Nursing. Mrs. Garner then attended the Froebel College in London, founded in 1892 as a women’s teacher training college, which follows the teachings of Frederick Froebel who invented the  ‘kindergarten’ and emphasized the development of teaching the whole child. She graduated with a B.Ed in Early Childhood Education.

After teaching in a London primary school for 3 years, Mrs. Garner was ready to travel. She walked into Knightsbridge Nannies one day and 2 weeks later she arrived in Dallas to look after a four-year-old child who attended Meadowbrook School. Thus, her relationship with Meadowbrook began in 1982.

Initially, Mrs. Garner worked as a substitute teacher at Meadowbrook. She then returned to London to attend St. Nicholas Montessori College to receive further training and certification in the Montessori method. Upon her return to Dallas, she became the Preschool and Pre-K teacher in the Little House until 1988.

After having stayed home with her 2 sons, Mrs. Garner returned  to Meadowbrook in 2003, teaching Kindergarten for 5 years. When the opportunity arose, she moved back into the Little House where she continues to teach Preschool and Pre-k.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. Garner has also tutored for the past 15 years specializing in early reading skills and handwriting. She has her Level One Certification in Handwriting Without Tears.

Mrs. Garner feels blessed to have worked in such a unique teaching environment for so many years. She loves that Meadowbrook continues to evolve without losing the traditional elements of its past. It is an absolute joy for her to see returning alumni whose children are now attending Meadowbrook....including the children of the four-year-old child she initially came to Dallas to look after.